IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation

About Directorate IIFCE

the Directorate of the International industrial fair and Cooperation exchange at the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 01.12.09ã. ¹PP-1236 "On additional measures on deepening of localization of production of finished products, components and materials based on industrial cooperation”.

the Main tasks of the Directorate are:

the organisation of carrying on an annual basis WIFCE;
the organization of the General advertising WIFCE, domestic enterprises and their products;
the involvement in the WIFCE potential foreign buyers;
to promote the extension of export-import transactions with foreign partners on the markets and fairs, assistance to domestic enterprises in the preparation of export contracts on exchange sites and fair trading;
assisting in finding partners and conclusion of commercial contracts between domestic producers to supply products of own production and to enter into contracts for the supply of products for export;
analysis of prisoners under WIFCE agreements and the formation of proposals for the integration of the relevant projects in the localization Program;
the formation and continuous updating of the unified information database of manufactured products, including localized, with the publication of the annually updated catalog of the production of industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan in electronic and paper format;
the implementation of the decisions of the Organizing Committee WIFCE.

Directorate of International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange

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